Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Making a Mess

My place was a crafty disaster area, but the pay off was tremendous!

My art kitchen.

I made this video at a frenetic pace in order to make the deadline, and this required that I completely trash my Brooklyn apartment. Luckily, my roommate Paul was in Korea during most of production, so they only people who got to see the disgusting state of my apartment were the few kind souls who answered my plead for help.

Here you see the set up for the rocket takeoff / atmospheric entry shot. That is my roommate's door sealed off behind that sky painting! I shot it sideways because it was hard to mount that track vertically. The track used a hand crank and skateboard wheels screwed onto a wooden platform. By the way, I almost forgot to thank Nick for making this great stop-motion crank track and lending it to me for a couple weeks. I'll find out his site and post it soon.

Here you get an idea of the lighting set up I used for most of the sets. I recently became a huge fan of rope lights and xmas lights because they create an even aura of awesomeness. This set is a bad example of this because it is a bit hot around the edges.

Cleared for take off!