Monday, April 26, 2010

Project Pinbal Number 12

Hello Friends!

I just completed an epic stop-motion video for the Aniboom Sesame Street competition. In anticipation of the "how did you do it?" emails I may receive in the near future, this blog will be now focused on publishing behind the scenes information.

I chose to enter the Pinball Number 12 remake category because the original (by animator Jeffrey Hale) was my favorite part of Sesame Street when I was a kid. Everything about it pretty much rules: the visuals, the timing, the concept, and lets not forget the incredible music! This video was my humble attempt to pay tribute to one of my earliest inspirations.

The original Pinball Number 12 music was composed by Walt Kraemer and sang by the Pointer Sisters. My friend Perrin Cloutier produced the awesome cover song. Perrin plays accordion for the band Beirut and drums for Soft Landings. He is the MAN. His wonderful fiance Jessica did vocals for the track. I am incredibly indebted to them both!

There are many people that helped make this video happen, who I will attempt to list here:

Drew Anderson painted planets, paper mached, designed the fish and convinced his friend Jason Patrick Voegele to lend my a bunch of LEDs (which I should probably return soon). Find Drew at and Jason at

Yoni Brooks generously let me borrow his Canon 5D. He makes documentaries. Visit him at

Sean Donnelly helped me composite and color correct the shots. I work with him frequently at his production company, Awesome + Modest.

Rebecca Goldstein animated a couple crucial shots at crunch time, saving me a lot of stress and doing a much better job than I would have!

Walter Griffith Jr is my neighbor. He starred as the hand that pulled back the pinball plunger in the first shot of the video.

Jesse Hicks loaned me his zoom lens. Thanks Jesse!

Joe Saavedra set up the potentiometers and programmed the Arduino I used to control the 3-color LEDs on the set. See his stuff at

Paul Shin is my roommate who helped light the sets and set up the camera. He also lent me tons of equipment and let me trash the apartment with art supplies.

Michael White helped me build and paint props. He's a pro with the drill!

Stay tuned for more updates.

Love Abbey